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December 21, 2004


Ben Ice

Desperate times and desperate measures it sounds like. What this person is doing is typical of what I call the "greed factor' mentality with many business people. Their need for greed overrides their sense of right and wrong, and it sounds like this guy has decided to make a literal translation out of CAN SPAM.
The sad thing is he'll probably get away with it, especially if he truly honors the opt-out requests. Even sadder is the added shade of black our collective eye will receive because he can't be more imaginative, more creative in his approach to his target. With Spam seeing no decreases since CAN SPAM went into effect, there are plenty of otherwise legitimate business enterprises who will join with this person in flooding our inboxes with unwanted email. Maybe it is time to think the unthinkable. Maybe it is time to leverage a cost of deliver to email inboxes. It certainly is time to find a way to penalize unscrupulous marketers. And don't make it cheap. Unless someone is on my whitelist, they should pay me, $1, $5, whatever, (no pennies please, my time and space are far too valuable for commoditization) for me to accept his email, and email from the big body enhancement spammers. Send payment to my PayPal address and I'll open my email doors to you. Otherwise, No Solicitors Allowed.

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