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November 15, 2004


Ben Ice

It is interesting to note the different classes of spammers. We all know about the eastern european, caribbean and southeast asia spammers, but the more heinous ones are in our own back yard.
Some time ago received an email from a group calling themselves "AdBum". They professed to have millions of segmented, targeted permission-based lists available at reasonable prices. After subscribing to their newsletter however, I saw quickly what was really going on.
They throw parties in New York City for all the young email guns, where the business of the hour is to party like rock stars and trade databases.
They trade databases. That kills me. These people are deluding themselves and they people they sell the files to. I have no doubt that privacy statements are crushed under the weight of these unethical companies and individuals. And these folks are in plain view yet aren't being pursued by the FTC or the DMA?
It is a sad statement of where email marketing stands at this point. Pointless and misguided efforts by the government to reduce spam won't work when we have these kind of operations operating right under the noses of the people who claim to be against them. Hey DMA...take a look around. These guys party close by...maybe you should send one of your "Best Practices" authorities to one of their parties and see how much traction you can get with this crowd. My guess none.

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